Turmeric Face Skin Care

Turmeric Face Skin Care

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Our turmeric series set includes120g turmeric facial cleanser, 100g turmeric toner, 120g turmeric clay mask, 30ml turmeric serum, 30ml turmeric oil, 30ml turmeric cream

The effects of turmeric:
Turmeric is a natural skin care product, it has strong antioxidant capacity. It has strong antibacterial and bactericidal ability. Can reduce scar or non-scar pigmentation left after skin damage.

Regular use of turmeric skin care products can clear the skin, improve skin texture, increase light translation, and make theskin appear healthy and bright.

Set Contains: 

Facial Wash Cleanser - Deep cleansing, Improves oil balance, Moistuize and repair
Turmeric Cream - Deeply nourish the skin, Locks in moisture
Turmeric Toner - Rich in vitamins and minerals, Improve skin rejuvenation
Turmeric Serum - Shaping and brightening the complextion, Clear acne
Turmeric Facial Oil - Moisturizing, maintain skin balance
Turmeric Clay Mask - Ph value balance, skin balance, no acne