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I have an addiction to matte lipstick, but my problem is it usually comes off like saw dust, my lips are dry after applying the product, or it has a very sticky finish. BUT BAAABBYYY LET ME TELL YOU!!! Jinsi Cosmetics is perfect! I’m not experiencing my usual problems, the lipsticks are wonderfully pigmented, and it goes on creamy. I feel so pretty in my new colors. Wig off, dry skin, and tired I still feel really pretty. I’m so happy I purchased my lipstick from here. I feel so darn cute!!!! I can’t stop looking in the mirror or taking pictures.


I am a satisfied customer, ya'll got me ready to go out now!


I had to work to get it off, and that's great! Because my concern when putting on gloss or lipstick is that it'll come off.


How do you get matte gloss off your lips when it doesn't come off easily?


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My goal is for every woman to find her inner sexy when applying this product to their lips. JINSI(Arabic word) (noun/adjective) Sex or Sexual. As a woman it can be a constant struggle, whether it is being a wife, mom, sister, friend, etc .for once JINSI lip gloss is applied to the beautiful sole of a woman’s lips the mission is for it to be electrifying, empowering, and life changing. Appealing to the women who wear very little make-up, has that gapped tooth, or who isn’t seen as the ‘Perfect’ shape to the world. Feeling sexy can be a challenge and that’s why I came up with this gloss line with different levels of sexy. Our sexy ranges from level one (where one can be in the talking phase) to level four (where one is ready to love completely). I want to welcome you all to JINSI cosmetics, where we challenge you to find your boost of confidence and customized level of sexy.

                “What woman doesn’t want a good quality lip gloss?”

                                “ I don’t wear tons of make-up but I feel sexy once I have on my lip.”

                “I don’t have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination.”